Stop drinking and change your life with Tempest.


Recovery is personal.

Get the expert guidance, community support, and practical tools you need to build a life without alcohol. Everybody needs different things to quit drinking, and we’re here to help you figure out what works for you.





Learn about alcohol use disorder, how to lessen cravings, and why you drink in the first place. 



Connect with other folks in recovery through group support meetings, live events, and our private online community.



Receive expert guidance from folks with firsthand experience in addiction recovery.

Tempest members reported a 50% reduction in their symptoms of alcohol use disorder (problematic drinking) and a 25% reduction in the severity of anxiety and depression symptoms.*

*Outcomes study in partnership with University of Buffalo and Syracuse University

What our members are saying

I'd just made the decision to stop drinking and Tempest helped me to shift my thinking from stopping something to beginning so many other things in my life. It was the exact experience I needed to change my life.


Tempest is for anyone who is done with alcohol or wants to be done with alcohol, for anyone who wants to change how they see themselves and their possibilities in life. This program is for everyone.


Tempest doesn't judge, shame, or make you feel bad. Tempest meets you where you are on your alcohol journey, no matter where that might be.


Get a recovery plan that grows with you.

Here’s how it works

Customize your plan

Choose the level of support you need by selecting our annual Core Membership or bundling it with our 4-week Intensive add-on.

Start learning

Explore our on-demand library, check out our weekly lessons, and join our live support calls and identity-based groups.

Build connections

Our dedicated Care Team will be here to support you as your recovery evolves. Plus, come say "hi" and find sober friends in our private online community!

Your sobriety journey starts here.

Our program is designed to put you in charge of your own recovery.

Core Membership

Build an alcohol-free life you love.

Recommended if you want:
  • A shame-free, holistic approach to sobriety 
  • To build new habits, rituals, and coping skills 
  • To join a welcoming community 

Add on our clinically-proven program.

Recommended if you want:
  • To address the root causes of your drinking
  • An overview of evidence-based treatment methods 
  • To learn and process in an intimate group setting
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