Financial Resources to Support You Through COVID-19

By: Lisa Barroca

Each of our worlds has completely shifted over the last few weeks. We find ourselves at home, unable to go about our lives the way we once did. We’re dealing with unprecedented uncertainty and we’re all scrambling to create a new normal. The implications of this global pandemic are touching every part of our lives: our physical safety, our mental health, our relationships, the economy, our recovery, and our finances are all changing or being threatened. And that can feel scary. 

Beyond the general anxiety and fear we might be facing around the current state of affairs, finances are always a sticky, critical, and sensitive aspect of our lives. Businesses are facing new and harsh realities, people are losing jobs, and our ability to pay bills may be changing. 

One positive thing to come out of all of this is that many communities, organizations, and companies are taking this opportunity to remind us of our humanity. Grants are being made available for impacted businesses, individuals are finding creative ways to support local shops, and cities are even taking measures to protect renter’s housing. 

I know for me, shame around money was heavily tied to my drinking and addiction. In especially uncertain times, these feelings can resurface and feel overwhelming. But you are not alone in any part of this, and what you’re feeling is totally valid. 

In an effort to support our community, we have gathered some resources to help you navigate our changing world when it comes to money and finances: 

Free Recovery Support

  • Free Support Meetings: We are offering three types of virtual support meetings, both for folks who are part of the Tempest Community as well as for those who are new. 
  • Free Content on the Temper: We are dedicated to publishing new, actionable content for you related to COVID-19 for as long as the crisis continues.

General Tips & Personal Finance


New rules regarding unemployment benefits in light of COVID-19: 

Small Business Assistance

Internet / Utilities / Housing

Offer help or ask for help

Take care of your finances as best you can, but more importantly, take care of yourself.

- Lisa Barroca, Tempest Community Manager