How to Invite Your Friends And Family To Explore Tempest (Email Template Included!) 

By: Team Tempest

British journalist Johann Hari famously said, “The opposite of addiction isn't sobriety. It's connection.” And we believe that here at Tempest.

Learning new ways to cope without using alcohol is hard work. And it can also feel isolating, which is why community is so important to folks in recovery. We’ve built Tempest Membership to be a place where folks who are interested in changing their relationship with alcohol can come together to share their experiences free of judgment, shame, or criticism.

Sharing this community with those closest to us can be incredibly helpful—for one, it can give empathetic family and friends (aka sober allies) a better understanding of our recovery. But it’s also a way to invite folks in who might be on their own recovery journey.

“Two years ago, I was trying to quit drinking on my own. I wasn’t very open about my journey until my friend Katie mentioned Tempest— a shame-free recovery community that she was a part of. I signed up for the newsletter (the best thing in my inbox!) and eventually joined Tempest Membership. Tempest makes me feel less alone and like I have a whole community of people rooting for me.” - Ann G., Tempest Member

Want to Change Your Relationship With Alcohol?

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That’s why we’d like to help you share the gift of recovery with this easy-to-use email template.

Now you can invite whoever you like from your support network—friends, family, sober buddies, therapist, barista—to check out Tempest and join our community. We’ve provided some sample text below, but feel free to modify this and make it your own! 

Subject line: Have you heard of Tempest?

Hi there,

Over the past few [years, months, weeks] I’ve been taking a closer look at my relationship with alcohol. After [doing some research online, following them on social, hearing about them from a friend, etc.] I found out about Tempest, a modern and empowering digital recovery program.

Quitting drinking, sobriety, mental health issues—they all come with a lot of stigma attached. But I’m sharing this info with you today because I’ve found Tempest’s approach helpful and down-to-earth, and I see recovery and sobriety as a proud choice, not a sad consequence. 

I invite you to explore their membership plans, join the Tempest newsletter, and you can also check out their library of free resources, and their online publication, The Temper. 

If you’re interested in exploring their membership program, they are running a special friends and family discount—use the code FRIENDSFAMILY20 for 20% off.

Thank you for being a part of my support network. Everybody’s recovery journey looks different, and I’m so glad you’re a part of mine.

[Your sign off here]

Remember, there’s no one way to invite folks to share your recovery journey, so stick with the method that feels right for you—whether it’s a phone call, a letter, or some other creative expression of your feelings. And thank you for being a part of our community! 

About Tempest

Tempest is a holistic, evidence-based digital recovery program that helps you stop drinking and feel better. Our yearly membership program offers three plans, designed to help you create your own personal Recovery Roadmap. Through support, community, and a dedicated staff, we’ll teach you how to make small, realistic changes to build a foundation for the kind of life you want.

In a study done in partnership with the University of Buffalo and Syracuse University, Tempest members reported a 50% reduction in their symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder (problematic drinking) and a 25% reduction in the severity of anxiety and depression symptoms.