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7 Tips for Traveling Abroad Without Drinking

One of the greatest things about being sober is that my whole world expanded. And I mean that literally—within the […]

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6 Tips for Sober Introverts to Reconnect with Friends Post-Pandemic

As someone who leans more toward introversion, I’ve always relied on alcohol to get me through awkward social situations, which […]

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3 Tips to Stay (or Get) Sober in a Post-Pandemic World

After almost a year in a global pandemic, 2021 ushered in some new beginnings for many people, including those of […]

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4 Ways to Stay Sober on the Fourth of July

For many, summertime might seem like the season synonymous with alcohol, which can be particularly challenging for those of us […]

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How to Find Sober Joy in a Post-Pandemic World

I stopped drinking during lockdown for several reasons. I’d wanted to change my drinking habits for a while, but facing […]

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Does Life Get Better After Quitting Alcohol?

When you take an honest examination of how alcohol shows up in your life, it can be revealing. Sometimes it’s […]

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Why Alcohol Isn’t the Cure For Your Social Anxiety

One of alcohol’s many names is “liquid courage,” which won’t come as a surprise to anybody who relies on it […]

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What is Hangxiety and What You Need to Know About Hangover Anxiety

It’s happened to me before: Sweaty palms, racing thoughts, heart pounding out of my chest, fluttery stomach. A night of […]

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How Do I Know If I Need Therapy After Quitting Alcohol?

The decision to stop drinking is a big one. It’s undoubtedly life-changing, in fact. It can also be extremely challenging, […]

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Is it Safe to Quit Alcohol Cold Turkey?

Disclaimer: Tempest is not a detox program or a medical facility. The writer of this piece is expressing their personal […]

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