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A person wearing cozy socks and staring at floor with pumpkins and other fall items

Now is the Perfect Time to do a ‘Sober October’

You’re probably pretty familiar with Dry January. In fact, you might be one of the 15% of Americans who participate in Dry January every […]

How to Navigate Wine-Mom Culture When You’re Not Drinking

While walking through Target during a time-to-re-up-on-all-the-essentials shopping trip, I passed the sundresses, rompers, jeans, and flowy t-shirts that line […]

15 Self-Care Ideas for Those in Recovery

When you are no longer drinking, you might suddenly find that you don’t know what to do with all the […]

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25 Tips on Having Your Best Sober Summer Ever

Editor’s note: As the pandemic continues to evolve, it’s important to remember to stay safe and healthy as you enjoy […]

15 Sober Staycation Ideas

It’s summer, and not long ago, we were told that the world was opening up, and we could look forward […]

A fair-skinned woman with dark hair and sunglasses sitting in a chair on the beach reading

How I Replaced Drinking with Reading

On the morning of New Year’s Day in 2019, I sat alone by a swimming pool in South Florida. My […]

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6 Tips for Sober Introverts to Reconnect with Friends Post-Pandemic

As someone who leans more toward introversion, I’ve always relied on alcohol to get me through awkward social situations, which […]

Gray haired woman with green umbrella looking out onto a wooded town

3 Tips to Stay (or Get) Sober in a Post-Pandemic World

After almost a year in a global pandemic, 2021 ushered in some new beginnings for many people, including those of […]

Three white women holding sparklers out

4 Ways to Stay Sober on the Fourth of July

For many, summertime might seem like the season synonymous with alcohol, which can be particularly challenging for those of us […]

Two people laying on a blanket in the grass laughing

How to Find Sober Joy in a Post-Pandemic World

I stopped drinking during lockdown for several reasons. I’d wanted to change my drinking habits for a while, but facing […]

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