A modern recovery program that helps you stop drinking and feel better.


Recovery is personal.

Whether you’re trying to quit drinking or you’re already sober, we’ll provide you with support, resources, and community. Everybody needs different things to recover, and we’re here to help you figure out what works for you.


Why it works


Evidence-based treatment

Tempest uses a unique combination of tools, teachings, and practices as well as the most recent scientific findings in addiction recovery.



We've built a private online community where you can process your experiences in a place free from judgement, shame, and criticism.


Dedicated people

Our team is comprised of recovery experts, behavioral health specialists, teachers, patient advocates, and dedicated sober folks.

Tempest members reported a 50% reduction in their symptoms of Alcohol Use Disorder (problematic drinking) and a 25% reduction in the severity of anxiety and depression symptoms.*

*Outcomes study in partnership with University of Buffalo and Syracuse University

What our members are saying

I'd just made the decision to stop drinking and Tempest helped me to shift my thinking from stopping something to beginning so many other things in my life. It was the exact experience I needed to change my life.


Tempest is for anyone who is done with alcohol or wants to be done with alcohol, for anyone who wants to change how they see themselves and their possibilities in life. This program is for everyone.


Tempest doesn't judge, shame, or make you feel bad. Tempest meets you where you are on your alcohol journey, no matter where that might be.


With our yearly membership program, you’ll get a customized recovery plan that grows with you.

Here’s how it works

Pick a Plan

Choose the level of support you need from our three membership options.

Get Personalized Care

Learn healthy habits, discover new coping mechanisms, and get connected with people on the same path with the expert guidance of our Care Team.

Stay Connected

We’ll be here to support you as your recovery evolves and you move on to the next chapter.

Pick an annual membership plan.

Our membership plans are designed to put you in charge of your own recovery.


Meet people who know what you’re going through.

Recommended if you want:
  • To create a social life and community
  • To meet new friends both locally and globally
  • To find others on the same path

Build and maintain an evolving recovery.

Recommended if you want:
  • To explore sobriety for the first time
  • To maintain existing sobriety
  • To focus on what comes after you stop drinking

Change your relationship with alcohol forever.

Recommended if you want:
  • To stop drinking now
  • To develop new healthy habits and coping skills
  • Expert guidance every step of the way
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