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Get a modern digital recovery program that fits into your life. Tempest Membership provides community support, expert guidance, and actionable advice to help you make a positive change.


“Am I an alcoholic?” is the wrong question. Try, “How is alcohol impacting my life?”


We use the most effective, clinically-validated addiction treatment methods.


Join our supportive community to share your experiences and celebrate your wins.

Built to fit you.

Customize your care, move at your own pace, and get a recovery plan that fits your unique needs.


Learn practical tools for living alcohol free.

Our holistic approach combines relatable, personal stories with the most recent scientific findings in addiction recovery.


Connect with people on the same path.

Build meaningful relationships through support group calls, live events, and our private online community.


Guidance from folks who’ve been there.

Our Care Team has firsthand experience in addiction recovery, and they’re here to help you get the most out of your plan.

A holistic approach, backed by science.

According to a 2018 study done in partnership with Buffalo and Syracuse Universities, Tempest members made significant improvements in problematic drinking and overall quality of life.

Tempest Members Reported


reduction in alcohol cravings


fewer drinking days each month


fewer drinks consumed on a typical drinking day

I'd just made the decision to stop drinking and Tempest helped me to shift my thinking from stopping something to beginning so many other things in my life. It was the exact experience I needed to change my life.

Jacqueline, Tempest Member

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Managing Anxiety

Understand the connection between alcohol and anxiety, and discover new ways to cope with stress without drinking.

Building Friendships

Learn how to make and maintain authentic friendships, plus how to deal with social anxiety and loneliness.

Setting Boundaries

Learn why boundaries are crucial to early sobriety and how you can start to incorporate them into your life.

Navigating Holidays

Learn to build new alcohol-free traditions and how to manage seasonal triggers.

More Topics Every Month

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