The worst part about getting sober is scrolling through a website about getting sober.
"Am I an alcoholic?" is the wrong question. Try this instead: is alcohol getting in the way of my best life?
Everything you want starts here. The life you're supposed to have is on the other side of drinking.

We’re a modern, accessible, and empowering path to recovery that’s built around you. Through our online sobriety school and aftercare program you'll get the education, tools, and community you need to build a life free from alcohol.

Why It Works

  1. Knowledge is power.

    Throughout the course, you'll be exposed to a wide-range of tools, teachings, and practices pulled from different schools of thought as well as the most recent scientific findings in addiction recovery. We make all of that information easy to digest and give you space to see what fits best for you.

  2. Community is key.

    There’s nothing like being in a community of people who understand what you’re going through. Tempest Sobriety School gives you access to a private online community where you’ll meet new friends and mentors who have been there. This is a safe place to be.

  3. Small steps = big change.

    The school isn’t about just not drinking. It’s focused on helping you live your best life. That means we move at a pace that encourages you to make small, subtle shifts that build a foundation for the life you want.

I'd just made the decision to stop drinking and Tempest helped me to shift my thinking from stopping something to beginning so many other things in my life. It was the exact experience I needed to change my life.

Jacqueline, Winter 2018

Tempest Sobriety School  is for anyone who is done with alcohol or wants to be done with alcohol, for anyone who wants to change how they see themselves and their possibilities in life. This school is for everyone.

Tracy, Spring 2016

Tempest Sobriety School doesn't judge, shame, or make you feel bad. The school meets you where you are on your alcohol journey, no matter where that might be.

Trish, Summer 2018
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