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Will My Personality Change if I Quit Drinking?

Quitting drinking can be a daunting prospect if you have a love/hate relationship with booze. We live in a culture […]

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25 Tips on Having Your Best Sober Summer Ever

Editor’s note: As the pandemic continues to evolve, it’s important to remember to stay safe and healthy as you enjoy […]

How to Not Drink During Times of Crisis

Most people will face at least one crisis during their sobriety journey. Because that’s life. Whether politically and socially or […]

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30 Recovery Memoirs to Inspire You to Quit Drinking

Although the details of our addiction and recovery stories may be different, the core of our experience is often the […]

15 Sober Staycation Ideas

It’s summer, and not long ago, we were told that the world was opening up, and we could look forward […]

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How To Build a Zero Proof Cocktail Bar at Home

What do classic films and the pandemic year have in common? Both illustrate the importance of having a well-stocked at-home […]

What is Tempest and Which Program is Right for You?

If you’ve spent some time with us on social media, read our newsletter, or you’re just a fan of our […]

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How I Replaced Drinking with Reading

On the morning of New Year’s Day in 2019, I sat alone by a swimming pool in South Florida. My […]

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Will I Lose All My Friends if I Quit Drinking?

For many folks—whether they’re sober, sober curious, or just looking to drink less—the thought of making new friends without involving […]

6 Alternate Coping Mechanisms & Rituals for When You’re Not Drinking

Making a conscious decision to put down alcohol is a big deal. We live in a culture that pushes alcohol […]

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