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Do I Need Willpower to Quit Drinking?

Getting sober isn’t just about willpower—the key is being willing to try.  People who aren’t familiar with how addiction recovery […]

How Can I Overcome Self-Sabotage When Trying to Quit Drinking?

We’ve all had a brush with self-sabotage. Maybe you procrastinated on a term paper or a big project. It could […]

How to Not Drink During Times of Crisis

Most people will face at least one crisis during their sobriety journey. Because that’s life. Whether politically and socially or […]

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How to Create a Peaceful Morning Ritual in Early Sobriety

Building a morning routine is important when you’re trying to quit drinking.  When you soften how you start the day […]

A woman holding a holiday cupcake instead of drinking during the holidays

How to Overcome the Urge To Drink During the Holidays

Learning to identify 3 common triggers and how to safely overcome the urge to drink. A trigger is something that causes us […]

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How to Build a Sobriety Toolbox

A few months before my second attempt at sobriety, I was in a 1:1 meeting at work with Doctor Vegan. We […]

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