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Real People, Real Results


I needed a method of recovery that spoke my language, an approach that equipped me with ways to handle what I knew I was covering up with the alcohol to begin with. Tempest opened my eyes to a new way of living.


Tempest gave me a framework, the tools, and community to finally remove alcohol from my life for good. By removing the thing that was completely numbing me out I was able to step into my own power and own what I wanted out of life.

I had to do some uncovering and work and healing around my why – why I was turning to alcohol. There was unhealed loss, grief, and anxiety – all things I was finally able to look at head on.

My life looks completely different in a lot of ways. My relationships are stronger. I started my own business. I have boundaries. I know myself better. I feel more confident in just being who I am. I always thought I needed alcohol to feel calm or social and I’ve learned that’s not true at all. I credit the change to giving myself permission to step fully into life.


Tempest didn't change my relationship with alcohol, it changed my relationship with my entire life. Alcohol used to be my tool for dealing with things, and when I removed that I became a bundle of raw nerves. Tempest helped me relate to my humanity in an entirely new way and because of that my life is bigger and better than I had ever dreamed.


I felt seen and known, and I knew I had found someplace special. It still brings tears to my eyes. I was being held by someone who didn’t treat me like they were the ‘helper’ and I was the ‘helped’, but instead everyone (at Tempest) showed up with a fierce, transparent vulnerability.


Before Tempest I still had a part of me that wanted to figure out a way to keep alcohol in my life. Now I feel free from alcohol. I see it for what it really is – something that kept me from fully experiencing life. All parts of life, because you don't just numb out the bad, you also numb out the good. Now I feel fully present, and sometimes that's really, really hard. But I am so happy I'm showing up for myself.


When I signed up for Tempest I was so scared. Scared that committing to a sobriety program was admitting that I was an alcoholic. And what if I couldn’t stop drinking? What if it didn’t work? Quitting drinking was HARD, one of the hardest things that I have ever done. What I learned through Tempest gave me the tools and knowledge that I needed to stop drinking but more importantly, I learned ways to get after my best life. I gained a deep understanding of the myriad complexities of addiction, regardless of the substance or behaviour.


I used Tempest while I was in the scary, lonely, infant stages of sobriety. I can say with absolute confidence that it was worth every penny. Tempest is not just about getting sober, it is about changing your WHOLE life for the better. Imagine a life in which you love yourself so much that you don't need a drink to enjoy it! That is what I have now thanks to this extraordinary program. Don't let your big beautiful life pass you by. If you feel a pull towards this, don't question it and take the leap! Freedom is waiting for you on the other side.


At some intangible point over the years drinking started taking far more from me than it was giving back. I have this image now that for every ounce of booze that flowed into my body, one hundred ounces of my life force flowed out. Alcohol had become a vitality-sucking leech. While I had questioned my drinking for some time, I simply never identified with the label ‘alcoholic.’ Finding Tempest opened my eyes to a world where simply wanting a better life was all that was required. No labels, no stigma, no shaming. Instead I found a solid holistic approach, a community of authentic truth-tellers, and a renewed hope in being able to live a juicy, engaging life that is its very own intoxicant.